DEZEGA oxygen boost compressor KD-8

The KD-8 compressor is used to fill small-capacity cylinders used in compressed oxygen breathing apparatuses that use gaseous oxygen.

It can also be used to fill cylinders in other devices and apparatuses that are used in the mining industry and medicine.


The KD-8 can also be used for filling cylinders with other non-aggressive, nonflammable, non-toxic gases (air, argon, nitrogen, etc.). The KD-8 is a noise-free two-stage double-cylindrical booster device with

• electric motor

• water cooling

• gravity water-glycerin solution

• automatic control and signal systems

Cylinders are filled by pumping oxygen from transport cylinders into subcompacts followed by injection using a booster compressor to a pressure up 25 MPa.



• Easy maintenance

• Low operational cost

• High productivity

• High compression ratio at low energy consumption

• Low weight and small dimensions

• Does not alter the structure of gases pumped

• Environmentally friendly

The compressor can operate at ambient temperature of 1-40 0С and, at a relative air humidity of 80%, at an ambient temperature of 25 °C.



Oxygen boost compressor KD-8


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Maximum working pressure, MPa25
Minimum working pressure, MPa2
Average efficiency under ordinary conditions, l/min160
Degree of pressure increase, not less than10
Type of lubricant(10-50) % glycerol solution
Engine power, kW3
Dimensions, mm638 x 622 x 620 ± 5
Weight, kg150