DEZEGA self-contained self-rescuer CARBO-60


CARBO-60 self-rescuer is a personal respiratory protective device on chemically bound oxygen with a closed breathing circuit, used for escape from irrespirable atmospheres that pose an Immediate Danger to Life and Health (IDLH). It is suitable for carrying on a shoulder belt or on the waist. Compact and ergonomic, this self-rescuer provides comfortable breathing and is used to protect the respiratory system during the escape when there is high density smoke from fires, a high concentration of toxic gases, or a lack of oxygen in the atmosphere. The starter is activated when the cover is torn off so that the user gets a portion of oxygen for breathing as quickly as possible.




Ergonomics during everyday carrying

  • large area of contact with the user
  • balanced weight distribution
  • comfortable shoulder belt

Donning procedure is on the case

Special place for marking the personal mine number

Comfortable breathing

  • low heat capacity of the inhaled gas
  • low breathing resistance
  • low temperature of the inhaled gas

Ergonomics after donning

  • lower placement of the breathing bag for the best visibility, but with a high positioning to prevent damage
  • quick-release buckle for change-over
  • the location of goggles in a convenient and reliable place, eliminating their loss or deformation
  • protection against high temperature

Automatic starter that activates during lid removal (the only one SCSR on the market)

Training unit is available for practicing donning and breathing techniques

Elimination of initial loss of oxygen volume

Layout method keeps breathing system from being damaged or stuck together

Starter operates in wide temperature ranges

Relief valve is located in protected place

Elimination of leakage due to spring-loaded tensioning coupling straps

Possibility to perform minor repairs directly at the mine (belt loops and bumpers replacement).



Shoulder belt SKTB.02.KPP.00.00.000
Waist belt AS-DWB-ENEU
Front bumper SKTB.02.CK5.00.00.006
Rear bumper SKTB.02.CK5.00.00.003
Belt loops SKTB.02.CK5.00.00.004
Belt loops fixators set SKTB.02.CK5.00.00.005,  SKTB.02.CK5.00.00.005-01
Rack for 30 pcs. CARBO (оpen- type, with doors, made of carbon steel, black) AS-DRACK-3B00-ENEU-W-5-1
Rack for 30 pcs. CARBO (оpen- type, without doors, made of stainless steel) AS-DRACK-3S00-ENEU-W-5-1
Rack for 25 pcs. CARBO (closed- type, with doors and rear wall, made of stainless steel) AS-DRACK-3SF1-ENEU-W-5-1
Leak testing device for CARBO AS-UPG-15-ENEU-5-1



Rated duration in accordance with EN 13794:2002 and AS/NZS 1716:2012 at lung ventilation, not less:
– 10 l/min 180 min
– 35 l/min 60 min
Breathing resistance (at inhalation or exhalation) during operation, max 0,75 kPa
Temperature of the inhaled gas, °C, not more 50 °С
Volume of oxygen in the inhaled gas during the rated duration, not less 21%
Maximum volume fraction of carbon dioxide in the inhaled gas, not more 3%
Average volume fraction of carbon dioxide in the inhaled gas during the rated duration, not more 1,5%
Volume of breathing bag, not less 6 L
Overall dimensions (without waist and shoulder straps or bag):
– width 215 mm
– height 227 mm
– depth 106 mm
Weight 2,8±0,1 kg
Operating temperature from -5 to +60 °С
Relative humidity (at +35 °C) during operation and storage up to 100%
Shelf life, years 10