INPRO Fire Fighting

Our company has a patent for the development, manufacturing and sale of deluge-type water fire extinguishing systems


Automatic water fire extinguishing system (AWFES

Installation performed by AWFES is autonomous

The AWFES is an autonomous means of water fire extinguishing of geared and tension stations of various types of belt conveyors. The length of the protective tape is no more than 18 m. The AWFES unit is equipped with a RDV-06 water pressure switch, which is designed to control the water pressure in the fire and irrigation pipeline. РДВ-06 was developed taking into account the requirements of explosion and spark protection with the level of Ex-marking I M1 Ex ia Ma 1 ° С ≤ Ta ≤ + 35 ° С. The degree of protection against moisture and dust penetration is in accordance with IP54. Working fluid – water, water-oil emulsions.

Installation of localization and extinguishing of fires with water(LAEFWW)

The installation performed by LAEFWW is an autonomous fire extinguishing device designed to extinguish and localize fires with water. When triggered, the LAEFWW creates a water curtain along the entire section of the mine, about 10 m long, cooling the high-temperature combustion products and prevents the further spread of the fire along the mine.

The main technical characteristics of UVPK, ULTV.