Ventilation systems

We are also the official representative of CFT GmbH Compact Filter Technic – a leading manufacturer of dust removal and ventilation systems for industry and tunneling.

We provide consistently high quality: dry dedusting, wet dedusting, and dry drilling dedusting.

We guarantee the quality of all supplied goods and services. Upon request, we can provide you with an independent test certificate for any type of dedusting device, which confirms the guaranteed degree of air purification and the efficiency of the equipment for both wet and dry dedusting systems , and for installations designed for dedusting during dry drilling.

Ventilation: axial and radial fans, accessories


For many years we have been paying particular attention to providing general ventilation in mines. The main ventilation fans are designed to work alone, as well as installations with a series of connected fans in parallel or in the form of block stations, which can be installed both on the surface and underground.

In this area, we carry out individual solutions that ensure energy-saving operation of the VGP, which is possible, for example, due to the mechanism of rotation of the impeller blades during fan operation, as well as through the use of frequency converters.

Our developments in the field of heating mine air

Extreme temperatures seriously impede the supply of fresh air. In the mining industry, at low temperatures, in accordance with local technical regulations, it is necessary to heat the air injected into the mine. The supply air temperature must be at least 2 ° C.

The fan and heating units offered by CFT are able to fulfill this difficult task. The main components of such installations are heaters from Egger Apparatebau. CFT has exclusive marketing rights for these products for mining and tunneling projects.

Our fan heaters mainly consist of one or more air heaters and a corresponding ventilation station. Heating is carried out by electric, gas or water heaters. Air heaters are divided into two types: for local and central heating of air supplied by the main ventilation fan.

СFT: Extensive knowledge and experience in air conditioning in mining and tunneling

Air conditioning is one of the defining factors in numerous projects. In mining, tunneling, and underground construction, it is often necessary to cool the air, as the temperature must not exceed the maximum permissible. At the same time, a special problem lies in the fact that the excess of the generated heat cannot be "destroyed"; it can only be moved to another location. In cooperation with WAT associate Wärme-Austausch-Technik, we design and supply complete systems for mine air conditioning.

We are experts in degassing, explosion protection and mine safety

Ensuring explosion protection and mine safety is a decisive factor in the implementation of projects in the coal industry. In underground workplaces, strict ventilation requirements apply. Especially in the presence of mine gas, which is released during the extraction of coal and as a result of microbial processes, special safety measures must be observed. Mine gas consists mainly of methane (CH4), which tends to form an explosive mixture when a certain concentration is reached.

To ensure explosion protection and mine safety at low gas emissions, it is sufficient to increase the supply of fresh air and thus dilute the methane concentration. If the concentration of methane is very high, then you cannot go without degassing the mine. For this purpose, it is advisable to use degassing installations, as well as the simultaneous use of both methods.

In cooperation with Brockhaus Lennetal GmbH, we offer you innovative mine degassing equipment. Degassing plants with rotary piston or liquid ring vacuum pumps play a central role here. We carry out the calculation of the required piping elements together with our partner Brockhaus Lennetal GmbH. The solutions developed will provide improved safety and increased productivity in mines. In addition, such installations allow the extraction of large volumes of mine gas from already decommissioned mines using the gas suction method, which, with a sufficient concentration of methane in it, can be used in block thermal power plants.

in block thermal power plants.

Air transport: flexible, flat and spiral ventilation pipes, metal ventilation pipes

If in the course of various technological processes there is a deterioration in air quality, a decrease in oxygen levels or dusting, then it is necessary to ensure the transportation of fresh air to the working areas and remove the exhaust air. Air transportation is carried out using flexible or rigid ventilation pipes, including flat, spiral and metal pipes. Such ventilation pipes can be used both for discharging ventilation (flat, spiral and metal) and for suction ventilation (spiral and metal).

For the correct selection of the size and material of ventilation pipes, our specialists will make accurate calculations for you, which will correspond to the specified conditions, taking into account the available free space for their installation. Do you have any questions regarding the length of the supplied pipes, or their diameter? Do you need general information on flexible, coiled or metal pipes? We are always ready to answer your questions in detail.

We are always ready to answer your questions in detail.

Our turnkey solutions: dedusting and ventilation during tunnel renovation

Our experience shows how important a sound and thorough preparation is when carrying out short-term refurbishment in tunnels. CFT has already gained a reputation as a reliable supplier of special end-to-end solutions that are developed according to individual customer specifications. Thanks to our know-how as well as innovative technologies, we provide our customers with clean air and adequate ventilation when renovating tunnels.

This technology guarantees compliance with the rules of occupational health and safety of personnel, as well as high air quality in the work areas. In addition, we will make sure that the movement of trains in the tunnels continues without significant restrictions and violations of the schedule, and the installed ventilation and dust-removing equipment does not interfere with the free movement of passengers.

Our services for dedusting and ventilation in the renovation of tunnels:

- calculations, installation, operation and dismantling of dust-removing and ventilation equipment in accordance with the terms of reference and specific conditions at the venue;
- participation in previous planned developments;
- support in obtaining the necessary permits and developing design solutions;
- coordination of the schedule of works on installation and commissioning, as well as cooperation with the relevant departments for labor protection and health care, with trade union organizations;
- previous work on logistics;
- installation, commissioning and technical support before and during the operation of dust-removing and ventilation equipment;
- dismantling of equipment after completion of the project.

and during operation of dedusting and ventilation equipment.
- Dismantling of equipment after the project.

Additional services: financing, renting, leasing

By cooperating with us, you will acquire not only a reliable supplier with extensive experience in implementing innovative solutions for dedusting, ventilation and air conditioning with the quality label "Made in Germany", but also a partner who will help you choose a financing model for purchased equipment or advise you on issues regarding rent and leasing. Please contact us. With the support of our partner banks, we will be able to offer you the best financing model. Note that within the framework of international financing, very favorable conditions can be achieved.

We will be happy to tell you about the advantages of various options for renting our equipment and about the possibility of its further purchase or re-registration of ownership, taking into account your individual needs and project characteristics.

We are ready at any time to provide you with more detailed information on international financing, leasing or renting.